About Us

At Orthocare Health, Patients Come First.

Our Difference

Orthocare Health was born when we saw the need for a new and different kind of orthopaedic practice. We believe that “top surgeon” and “good bedside manner” should go together. We also believe patients deserve a thorough explanation of their condition and the options for restoring their function.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best outcomes and patient experience for the best value possible.

Our Values

Value #1 – Patients come first so we will increase value to patients and extend our reach to new patients. 

Value #2 – Great partners. We will be great partners, creating value for health systems and primary care practices.

Value #3 – Think big. Be innovative.  Measure what matters and learn continuously.  Leverage best practices and technology to provide world class care. 

Value #4 – Care for teammates.  Be human and be humble.  Build a strong and healthy organization of like minded staff and doctors who believe in our values. 

Value #5 – Do good and do well.  Experiment constantly and build a sustainable business model. 

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