Roger C. Sohn, MD

Dr. Sohn is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon. He participates in the Shoulder and Upper Limb Center at Orthocare Health.

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Dr. Sohn’s Postoperative Protocols

Roger C. Sohn, MD

Fellowship Trained Shoulder and Upper Limb Specialist

Dr. Sohn is double fellowship trained and board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He has a special interest in treating arthritis and injuries of the shoulder. He also specializes in minimally invasive treatments such as arthroscopic repairs of the shoulder and upper limb.

Dr. Sohn graduated with honors from Loma Linda University School of Medicine.  He completed orthopaedic surgery residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical center. During his first fellowship at UC Davis, he focused on upper extremity disorders such as shoulder and elbow arthritis. His second fellowship at Lake Tahoe Orthopaedic Institute gave him advanced training in minimally invasive surgeries such as shoulder arthroscopy.  Dr. Sohn has over 10 years of experience including 5 years as the complex shoulder and elbow specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, OR.

Dr. Sohn strives to educate his patients about their problems as well as the various non-surgical and surgical options. His goal is to treat his patients in a way that minimizes the impact of their condition on their lives.

“While some people eventually need surgery, many are pleasantly surprised to find that a new type of exercise regimen cures the problem. Of course, for those who need surgery, I find it very satisfying when I am able to make such a tangible difference in their mobility, stability, and quality of life through doing the best procedure possible. “

-Dr. Sohn

Dr. Sohn has published peer reviewed research and education for other surgeons. He has authored a chapter in the Master’s Techniques textbook on median nerve compression neuropathies. He holds a patent for instruments used in shoulder replacement. His shoulder replacement results have been tracked in the nation’s largest implant registry with an extremely high rate of success. Dr. Sohn has studied value-based medicine while enrolled in the UCI Healthcare Executive MBA program and applies those principles to bring value to his patients’ lives.

A Southern, California native, Dr. Sohn spends his spare time surfing, fishing, and camping with his family. He enjoys woodworking as well as 3D design.

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